ATS Life Sciences provides state-of-the-art CGMP manufacturing solutions to the world’s leading medical technology OEMs. We have expertise and experience in the assembly of a wide variety of medical devices and diagnostics products including; bio-sensors, biofluidics, DNA microarrays, contact lenses, catheters and stents, tube sets, and syringes. Our customers count on us to solve complex assembly problems typically characterized by tight tolerances, no-touch zones, low particulate generation constraints, challenging geometries, and rigorous quality control. Our commitment is to design and build systems that suit your specific needs.

Medical Devices

The following image summarizes the breadth and depth of medical devices that ATS Life Sciences has successfully delivered manufacturing systems for.

Medical technology: Medical device manufacturing

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Medical Diagnostics

Similar to Medical Devices, ATS Life Sciences has provided many solutions for the production of diagnostic products. In some instances, the solutions were for the preparation and handling of lab samples or for the picking and sorting of pharmacy orders. In others, they were for the production of consumables like DNA microarrays and point of care tests.

Medical diagnostics offerings include: lab and pharmacy; DNA microarrays and point of care

Assembly and Processing

Key Processes
ATS Life Sciences builds systems to address your product’s specific process requirements. Typical processes represented within these systems include:

  • Component feeding, orientation, insertion, compression, torqueing, washing, surface treatment
  • Forming, cutting, ablation, molding, demolding
  • Subassembly bonding, curing, welding, attaching
  • Labelling, printing, serializing, etching
  • Testing including vision and functional (e.g., insertion force, pull test, obstruction tests, flow tests, etc.), compression
  • Filling, dispensing
  • Packaging

Process Development
Unique processes or incomplete process development is not an insurmountable obstacle. ATS regularly works with customers to define a process and to understand risk, robustness, and repeatability. This could include activities like; analysis of existing process and benchmarking, proof-of-principle studies and prototyping, coordinated tests by our network of suppliers, research on engineering principles, and more. The results are incorporated into the final solution design and build.

Environments and Containment
As required, we have designed and installed equipment in many different ISO grade environments at room level, equipment level and zone level within the equipment footprint. Along with our affiliate, Comecer, we can satisfy a variety of environmental requirements including the more traditional temperature and humidity control, laminar air flow, and positive and negative pressure differentials, as well as the more complex inert gas environments, radioactive hot cells, explosion proof, and bio-safety containment. Visit Comecer’s website to learn more.

Life Sciences assembly and processing

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