Higher equipment utilization rates. Faster time to market. More productive use of your staff and resources. 100% quality verification for every product you manufacture. Faster payback of your equipment investment. These are just some of the benefits possible when you source your manufacturing equipment with us.

ATS Life Sciences is a lab, pilot-scale and production-scale automation partner whose breadth of capabilities and regulatory know-how ensure we can provide a higher level of accountability for your pharmaceutical equipment purchasing—helping you get more out of your automation investment.

Liquid Dosing

The right combination of drug handling experience, data control and innovative solutions to meet your filling and packaging requirements.

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We have the expertise required for the verification and data tracking requirements of pharmaceutical filling and packing applications. Some examples of the range of systems we have developed include:

  • Solid dose filling and packaging line
  • Liquid dosing for tablet manufacturing
  • Automated mail order pharmacy
  • Automated drug distribution and labeling
  • Bottle filling and packing

Some examples of the processes that we have developed for filling and packing applications include:

  • Tablet printing
  • Drug distribution and dispensing
  • Label print and apply
  • Order collation
  • Primary packaging – blister, bottle, etc.
  • Secondary packaging – cartoning, flow wrapping, etc.
  • Clean

We understand the need for 100% verification of critical process steps. We have developed many innovative solutions for difficult verifications, including:

  • Label verification
  • Dosing placement verification
  • In-flight liquid dose verification
  • Dosing weight verification

Data Tracking
Going hand in hand with 100% verification of critical process steps is the tracking of the verification data. We use state of the art data tracking and logging software and that can interface with your database or plant/order management system.

Batch and Recipe Management

Flexibility and reliability in configuring and controlling your equipment process.

Configuring your Process
Today’s manufacturing requires a flexible, traceable and reliable batch management process. ATS has implemented batch control systems that range from batches that are locally constructed, stored, and selected at the HMI via an operator, to batches constructed and maintained remotely via an ERP or MES system and also loaded to the equipment remotely. The selection and implementation of a suitable batch/recipe management system is critical in ensuring the high performance, reliability and flexibility of your equipment and process.

Our batch design approach starts by using standards like ANSI 88 Batch Control, then defining the requirements, roles and interfaces between the business enterprise (ERP), Supervisory (MES, SCADA) and control system. Once this is done, we use the best available products and designs for the batch process. Recipes are managed in a very similar manner, with a higher level of interaction with the machine to include changes in machine functionality according to the changes in the recipe.

Principles of our batch and recipe management process include:

  • Integrated interfaces into the plant systems
  • Intuitive and accurate control of batch states and restrictions
  • Audit trails for tracking changes, actions and events
  • Process simulation and batch optimization to maximize performance
  • Active monitoring of process performance throughout the batch
  • Positive and verified part tracking to ensure parts and reject are always within control
  • Detailed reporting of the machine and batch performance and product reconciliation reporting

Vaccine Production

ATS has proven experience in vaccine production ranging from egg processing to cell incubation and harvesting.

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Egg Harvesting
We have experience designing and integrating automation to handle and process eggs through incubation, decapping and harvesting fluids and embryos.

Cell Incubation
We have delivered systems to handle and track products through the incubation cycle. Incubators provide controlled growing conditions, supplying oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity to the chips and trays to optimize growing conditions.

Cell Culture and Harvest
We have experience building systems capable of filling and capping thousands of bottles per day for production and incubation of cell cultures at various throughput levels from lab to high volumes. We have designed and integrated Robotic Cell Culture Systems to automate the planting, re-feed, seed, trypsinization and harvest of cells and/or virus in bottles in a Class 100 environment.

The system functions include:

  • Aseptic Production
  • Isolator with temperature and laminar airflow control and monitoring
  • Incubating bottles in a temperature-controlled environment
  • Rotating bottles in the incubator to ensure even distribution of beads and liquids

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