2022 saw 66 EV platforms launched, and will double by 2024. The battery design is increasingly essential to the platform’s success, yet design changes are happening much further in the development process. Cell, Module, and Pack Testing solutions must be fast and support different form factors within the same line. But too often, companies move serial to solve the various battery form factors and specs. Multiple lines are inefficient, with a significantly larger footprint.

With over 90 Battery and Test Lines, ATS is the design authority in EV testing, helping customers go from a battery design to full-scale production testing that meets the continued pressure for increased throughput without compromising quality.

Featured topics:

  • Top challenges for pack, module, and cell and the nuances in each area
  • How modularity and flexibility give scale within a small footprint, capitalizing on CapEx.
  • How a manufacturing design authority can be a knowledge partner in battery testing to successfully scale and meet launch targets.

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ATS Industrial Automation empowers customers to realize their goals with expertise in EV Battery automating cell stacking, module and pack, assembly, and testing. We enable customers to scale their battery designs with automated lines and launch their project on-time and to budget.

What we do matters to our customers. Today, businesses cannot afford to lose a single day. Your company may be transforming, growing, or struggling to scale, with growing costs of launch delays. Every day is missed revenue that impacts your employees, customers, and shareholders.

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