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Nuclear Power Plant Waste Disposal

ATS Industrial Automation designs and delivers remote handling systems including large shielded flasks, and automated transfer systems for highly radioactive material.

Nuclear Power Plant Waste Disposal

ATS Industrial Automation leverages its global automation expertise to safely and efficiently manage your complete radioactive material handling and waste processing needs.  Our waste handling and storage systems are scalable from single cell processing to a full plant structure.  We offer front to back processing, including: irradiated component segmentation, volume reduction and packaging.

Nuclear Power Plant Waste Disposal

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  • Reactor component Removal Tooling
  • Irradiated Component Volume Reduction – RFR Case Study
  • Feeder Pipe Removal and Segmentation
  • Damaged Fuel Bundle Encapsulation System
  • Hot Cell Automation (large scale)
  • Fully Automated Used Fuel Packing Plant Design

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ATS Industrial Automation & Bruce Power Recognized for Innovation at 2022 OCNI AGM and Supplier Excellence Award >

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