We provide production and lab grade mesh transmission test systems that meet industry standards for repeatability (GRR) & correlation (R²) related to noise & vibration (NVH testing of power train components).

Our gear mesh testers support multiple products including front and rear axles, balance shaft modules, transmissions, turbo and super chargers, and any other rotating device where dynamic order tracking is required to certify the component or assembly for noise and vibration quality standards.

We have gear mesh testing experience, including various test cycles:

  • Fixed Speed Fixed Torque Test
  • Fixed Torque Speed Sweep Test
  • Fixed Speed Torque Sweep Test
  • Stepped Torque Fixed Speed Test
  • Pitch Line Run-Out Test
  • NICKED Gear Test
  • Functional Test of Assembly in Parallel to NVH Gear Mesh Testing

We use advanced signature analysis dynamic order tracking (asynchronous or synchronous) using angle-based dynamic sensors, linear accelerometers, dynamic torque, microphone arrays, and laser vibrometry to test rigs to meet today’s testing standards globally.