Symphoni technology is an innovative, high-performance, digital assembly solution. With a high degree of standardization and a modular design, it delivers speed, versatility, AND precision without compromise.

The proprietary software dramatically improves the throughput potential of each system by eliminating non-value-added processing time. The clever building block design maximizes adaptability because these identical plug-and-play modules only require recipe selection and tooling changes in order to accommodate different products and processes.

And because speed and versatility alone are not enough, Symphoni technology also guarantees gentle parts handling and accuracy. All movements are precisely mapped and synchronized for seamless and fluid operation — just like a conductor and orchestra — a symphony of motion. Have we struck a chord? Download the Symphoni technology brochure to learn more.

Symphoni Technology at a Glance

Digital Technology

  • Speed: high throughput and quick changeover
  • Productive capacity: optimized regardless of product batch size, production volume, or product variety
  • Precision: in movement, in processing, in assembly
  • Gentle handling: from low friction orientation and feeding to assembly of components and subassemblies

Identical Plug-and-Play Modules

  • Retool: for product variants
  • Reconfigure: for completely different products and processes
  • Redeploy: when demand drops, a product is retired, or a new product is launched
  • Grows with you: from R&D to commercial production

Standardized Design

  • Implementation: fast and cost effective regardless of initial installation or redeployments to support new product launches

Proprietary Motion Control Software

  • Simplicity: to understand, train, operate, maintain and validate

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