Warehousing & Logistics

As e-commerce and logistics companies strive to ramp up their operations, ATS Industrial Automation can play an important role in meeting their objectives. As volumes increase, ATS Industrial Automation can help to address the major challenges faced by the industry.

  1. Minimizing impact of labour availability, cost, and health and safety
  2. Task efficiency and accuracy – use automation to improve throughput, repeatability and consistency
  3. Scale up efficiency – ATS Industrial Automation provides rapid machine build scale up capacity globally

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Distribution Automation Systems

ATS Industrial Automation as an Engineering and Repeat Machine Build Partner

Looking for a competitive edge, e-commerce and various growth companies have pioneered their own unique ways of solving e-commerce and logistics challenges. ATS Industrial Automation partners with companies to augment unique ideas with ATS Industrial Automation engineering depth and then provides build capacity to deliver the logistics solutions to dozens or hundreds of warehouses. ATS Industrial Automation REM (repeat equipment manufacturing) offers volume build services to our customers. Key hallmarks of ATS Industrial Automation involvement in repeat build programs include: 1. Machine build quantities as required (multiple machines per month) 2. Cost down models based upon continued volume evolution 3. Engineering and build engagement supporting customers in industrializing and controlling cost as machine generations progress to volume build.

Pick and Sort Automation System

Pick and Sort Automation

ATS Industrial Automation delivers automated solutions to solve pick and sort challenges using robotics, servo systems, vision and material movement (AGV/conveyors). With a network of companies providing technologies to augment ATS Industrial Automation internal developments, optimal system performance can be achieved.

AGV System

Elevate your AGV game with Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence

Acceptance of Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs) has reached a tipping point even in the most change-resistant industries. Today it is not uncommon to find several generations of AGVs from different suppliers in a single manufacturing facility moving product from warehouse to production line and finished goods to distribution. More vehicle types on the plant floor means more complexity. Anticipating where AGVs are needed before they are called can reduce congestion in pathways which can cause bottlenecking and lower Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence fills the gap between your AGV Fleet Manager and Manufacturing Execution System, predicting where AGVs need to be based on real-time production performance data and the status of every vehicle in your autonomous fleet.

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End-to-End Services -People in Warehouse Shaking Hands

End-to-End Services

Providing Digital and non-Digital life cycle solutions - including installation, training and spare parts services - to multinational e-commerce and logistics companies using a range of ATS Automation After Sales and Services unique capabilities. ATS Automation professionally organizes and deploys support assets from around the global network to fulfill commissioning and on site assignments in dozens of sites simultaneously.

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