ATS Industrial Automation has an extensive knowledge base and technology portfolio that can be applied to aerospace manufacturing. Whether you are an OEM, Tier 1, or Tier 2 supplier, our manufacturing know-how can help you succeed.


Serving Aerospace Manufacturers

Bringing thousands of unique automation projects to market across diverse industries and processes has helped us develop an extensive range of technology and experience. From assembly automation to material handling, to quality assurance and testing, ATS Industrial Automation has the depth of knowledge and scale of resources to deliver you a world class manufacturing solution.

Assembly Automation

Assembly automation is the foundation on which ATS Industrial Automation has been built. For over 30 years, we have been designing and building all styles of manufacturing equipment to assembly our customers’ components into finished products or sub-assemblies.

Process Automation Solutions

Providing instrumentation and controls (I&C) design, implementing turnkey facilities management control systems (FMCS), designing and implementing OEE, MES, IIoT and Historian, Analytics and Control Systems for many advanced manufacturing facilities. In addition, Process Automation Solutions provides long term or short term on-site controls engineering staffing for a number of customers.

Services Offerings

ATS Industrial Automation provides a suite of services throughout the equipment life cycle. These include automation optimization and planning, reliability engineering, on-site services contracts, space parts, supply and management, remote support, machine diagnostics (ATS Toolkit), predictive maintenance, training and full documentation.

Laser Processing

Having delivered over 350 unique laser systems, we have developed a specialized knowledge base with lasers. Our laser systems include precision welding, cutting, drilling, marking, scribing and 3D gauging.

Finishing & Machine Integration

For machining applications, we have the capability of integrating and supplying complete material handling solutions – from robotic de-burr to machine load and unload automation.

Material Handling and Parts Management

At the heart of a manufacturing systems is material handling and parts management. Whether you require conveyance and gantries, material guidance systems, or machine load/unload, we have a wide range of options to choose from. In addition, our ability to integrate to your MES/ERP system can provide you with full traceability on your parts.

Vision Systems

With over 25 years machine vision experience, ATS Industrial Automation can deliver reliable and robust vision solutions to your aerospace manufacturing environment. From parts identification and traceability, to metrology, inspection for defects, we have both the experience and best-in-class vision products to serve you.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Delivering reliable products is paramount in the aerospace industry. ATS Industrial Automation has a broad range of in-process and end-of-line testing solutions to verify that the finished assembly functions as expected and as required.