New suppliers should read the criteria below and complete all of the forms prior to contacting ATS.



  • 3rd Party Supplier: Supplier of high dollar (typically >$10k) items such as bowl feeders, conveyors, test systems, part washers, robots, lasers, etc. Supplier is usually design responsible.
  • Sub-Contract Supplier: Suppliers that are responsible for one or all of the following: design, development, manufacturing of products to ATS or ATS customer defined requirements (outsourced production). Supplier could also provide a service in the ATS Manufacturing Value Stream (e.g., plating or heat treating).
  • Casting or moulded parts
  • Service Supplier: Such as, equipment calibration suppliers, engineering consultants, manufacturing installation contractors—non-ATS employees who perform tasks to meet ATS and customer contract requirements (affects deliverable product quality).


  • Suppliers that design/manufacture COTS product. Items such as pneumatic valves, electrical connectors, computer cables, power supplies, springs, and hardware such as bolts, screws, washers, nuts, etc.
  • Suppliers that design/manufacture COTS product that are modified to meet customer requirements (e.g., motors, controllers, gearbox)
  • Items that are ordered as manufacturer’s part number, typically through Distribution


To be assessed as a potential supplier, please download and complete the below documents. Completed documents should be sent to the ATS Corporation business unit you are interested in working with. Please visit Our Businesses page to find the website for the selected business unit where you can locate their contact information.

New Supplier Self-Assessment Template

Global Supplier Profile

Global Supplier Manual (defines requirements) 

Supplier Code of Ethics

Non Disclosure Agreement – this will be sent to the supplier

ATS General Terms and Conditions of Purchase – this will be provided upon contract award