Specialized Knowledge–Consumer Goods

We serve the global consumer market with a full range of platforms allowing ATS to provide our customers with optimized solutions.  A proven selection of suitable technologies, supported by expert partners ensures the design of a superior system.

High Volume Assembly

Reliability and time to market are critical in high-volume assembly and packaging of products. ATS high-speed manufacturing systems deliver high throughput with the absolute lowest number of defects.

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Web Handling

When web handling is critical to your consumer and electronics manufacturing process, we have the equipment expertise to provide you with a total automation solution.

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LS pharmaceutical


ATS is a leader in the design, manufacture and integration of automated dispensing systems developed specifically for precision dispensing of adhesives, sealants and other liquids.

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Personal Care Products

Assembly solutions for a diverse array of products.

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Heavy Part Assembly

Ergonomic and high performance assembly solutions for Industry

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