We’re on a mission to simplify spare parts management


As your original system manufacturer, ATS knows which spare parts you need. By tracking and recommending the best parts for your systems, or taking on your inventory management, we can increase uptime and reduce your spare parts cost.

Spare Parts Provisioning

When you purchase an ATS automation system, our experts create a list of recommended spare parts, based on our expertise and reliability engineering principles. The list will categorize spare parts into wear parts, consumables, long lead times, and repairables, helping you make the best purchase decisions.


Spare Parts Full Sourcing Services

ATS has the global purchasing power to offer competitive prices and lead times. When you’re recovering from a downtime event, our experts work to deliver parts as soon as possible. When you need to support preventative maintenance, we offer just in time spare parts management.  Access your full equipment BOM via our E-Commerce platform for easy search and buy capability.


Obsolescence Risk Management

Get regular full-system BOM reviews for obsolete parts, complete with replacement options. ATS experts know your systems well, and can help you avoid extended downtime due to obsolete spare parts

Spares Inventory Management

With inventory optimization, management, and full sourcing services, your productivity will stay high at minimal cost.

Spares Inventory Services include:


  • Containment systems for easy storage and retrieval
  • Component and storage location labels and matrices


  • Usage analysis and re-ordering plans
  • Identification and supply of quick-change spare assembles
  • BOM analysis for ATS and other lines

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