A manufacturer’s choice in conveyance is essential as it impacts the overall functionality of your automation process.

Maximize throughput. Minimize footprint.

SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ platforms act as the foundation for world-leading automation processes offering higher availability, increased throughput, and improved quality.

A linear motion based technology, SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ fundamentally changes the way you build and design automation. Individually controlled shuttles allow you to increase your throughput without an increased footprint, resulting in smaller footprint, less complex, and more adaptable systems.

This is critical for achieving and maintaining the ROI for automation.

Read Case Study: How one manufacturing company managed to increase throughput and gain back 44% of their floor space.

Modular automation to scale your business.

The platform’s modularity allows you the flexibility needed to effectively scale your operations and adapt to changing market demands.

Smart conveyance improves OEE.

SuperTrak GEN™ and SuperTrak MICRO™ are smart enabled technologies that get machines to production faster and more effectively than traditional methods by saving significant engineering and integration time.

  • Simulate: Simulation enables faster machine and process conceptualization
  • Design: Remove Tooling Complexity from Stations and Implement it in the Trak
  • Build: Modular assembly and integrated function with simple control make integration and assembly easy
  • Perform: Maximize OEE with minimal spare parts, maintenance, and downtime


SuperTrak GEN3™

The SuperTrak GEN3™ conveyance platform enables the development of world-leading automation for the most demanding applications. Proven linear motion technology delivers performance and modularity, allowing you to confidently scale your manufacturing operations.

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TrakMaster™ Software

TrakMaster™ software is the user interface that provides access to SuperTrak’s powerful features. Unlike other conveyance platforms, TrakMaster™ was designed and built with the intent to reduce engineering and integration hours, offering manufacturers a faster path to production with less risk. TrakMaster™ software is a complete solution that offers, enhanced simulations, high-performance configurations, and detailed diagnostic tools.

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