ATS is a leading supplier of linear motion technologies.

Linear motion technology is the basis of the SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ lineup of products including SuperTrak GEN3™ and SuperTrak MICRO™. These conveyance platforms act as the foundation of your manufacturing automation processes, allowing you to create powerful world-class automation.

What is linear motion technology (LMT)?

A basic linear motion system integrates a power component, such as a motor; a thrust mechanism, such as an actuator; and a guidance infrastructure, such as a rail. Unlike a traditional motor which creates a rotating movement, linear motion technologies created a linear forward and backward motion.

How linear motion works:

A linear motor consists of a moving ‘reaction plate’ (comprising an array of permanent magnets) that follows a traveling wave of magnetic flux produced by a stationary arrangement of coils.

Essentially, linear motors are flat or unwrapped versions of traditional rotary motors.

Linear Motor

Why linear motion technology?

LMT allows for individual control of the part carrier which fundamentally changes the way you design and build automation.

It results in a smaller footprint, less complex, and more adaptable systems, which is critical for achieving and maintaining the ROI for automation.

Read the blog, What is Smart Conveyance, to learn more about the benefits of linear motion technology when comparing to traditional methods of transportation.

When to use linear motion technology:

Linear motion technologies, such as SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ are used across many industries for a variety of applications.

If your manufacturing process requires high precision, high-speed repeatability, and flexibility; linear motion may be a good option.

Linear motion is regularly deployed in the following industries:

How SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ utilizes linear motion technology:

SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ applies servo motor control to linear motion technology in order to provide both velocity and position control of multiple actuators.

This integrated solution consists of a stationary linear series of electromagnet coils (stator) and a number of movable shuttles(actuators), each with their own set of permanent magnets

The electro-magnet coils can be 100% independently controlled & energized to create a moving magnetic field that is unique to each movable shuttle which, in turn, creates independent shuttle motion.

Lastly, by incorporating position feedback capable of reading each shuttle’s position in real-time, it is possible to adjust each magnetic field such that each shuttle’s velocity and position can be monitored and controlled accurately and precisely.

SuperTrak CONVEYANCE and linear motion technology
Linear motion technology is the basis of SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™

Our technology accelerates your integration and deployment of linear motion technologies by incorporating:

  • Standard Curved and Linear motor segment building blocks
  • Standard shuttle design with an integrated rail system
  • Integrated shuttle trajectory planning and collision avoidance
  • Standardized PLC interface to all platforms
  • Windows™ based TrakMaster™ configuration & diagnostics software
  • Visually animated and accurate simulation
  • Fully assembled plug n’ play platform

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